Safe Church Program

Safe Church Program

UCOL seeks to provide a safe and sacred space where everyone can worship and fellowship. Inappropriate behaviour or harassment of any individual or group will not be tolerated.

Harassment is unwelcome or unreciprocated behaviour that makes a person feel intimated, offended or belittled. Anyone can be harassed, including people of any age, race or gender. Harassment is often about one person or a group of people using power inappropriately over another person or persons, or a group of people.

The following types of behaviour may be deemed as harassment or inappropriate and are not welcome in our church community:

1. Circulating or displaying written or pictorial material that is sexually suggestive, offensive or belittling of persons.

2. Verbal abuse or comments that put down or stereotype persons.

3. Offensive jokes based on sex, race, creed, colour, age, or sexual orientation.

4. Gestures that are offensive or insulting.

5. Staring or leering in a sexual manner.

6. Sexual or physical contact, such as slapping, or inappropriate kissing or touching or hugging.

7. Intrusive questions about personal sexual activity.

8. Sexual assault – a crime that will be immediately reported to the police.

9. Repeated sexual invitations when the person invited has refused similar invitations before.

10. Insensitive or inappropriate behaviour, or use of a mobile phone, tablet or media device during the church service.

11. Unsolicited phone calls or texts that are unwelcome to the recipient.

12. Refusing to follow the reasonable directions of the Pastor.

Our value statements

UCOL is committed to protecting the safety of all people within its programs, ministries and events, and supporting organisations to adhere to safety legislation. The value statements we uphold in this work are:

A zero tolerance stand on all forms of abuse in the church.

Protection of the rights of and flourishing of all people as the shared commitment in our cultivation of safe church and ministry environments.

Protection of children and vulnerable people in the community as an imperative of our shared Christian faith.

Training that is safe for all people and which speaks to the concept of serving together in ministry.

Respect for the diversity of Christian traditions and an awareness of how these interact with child safety legislation.

The use of National Standards as the common basis for holistic Safe Church ministry.

Training which focuses on continual development to create cultures where a Christ-like attitude and behaviour towards all people is exampled by leadership.


UCOL is covered under a Public Liability Policy underwritten by QBE Insurance.

Work health and safety policy

Having clear policies and procedures in place helps minimise workplace health and safety risks and protect workers. All workers and volunteers are required to attend an induction. Inductions may vary from a simple Fire, Health and Safety introduction to a more complex induction including equipment. Universal Church are committed to safety and preventing work-related injury and illness. To work or volunteer with children in Queensland, you may need to have a blue card. 

For more information please contact the office.