Amplified by Love: A Rainbow of Inclusivity by Shane St. Reynolds

In a world where faith and sexuality collide,
Where love is questioned and pushed aside,
There is a light that shines so bright,
A rainbow of love that guides us right.

It amplifies with every voice,
The rainbow colours that we rejoice,
And in its glow, we see the way,
To love and live another day.

This love is for all, it has no bounds,
It breaks the walls and tears them down,
It embraces all who seek its grace,
And guides us to a better place.

It amplifies in every heart,
And sets our souls and spirits apart,
It gives us strength to face the hate,
And rise above with love innate.

So let us raise our voices high,
And let the rainbow colours fly,
For in this love, we'll find our peace,
And from our burdens we'll release.

Amplified by love, we'll stand,
Together, hand in hand,
A rainbow of inclusivity,
Embracing all with love's divinity.